the explorer turns 6!


Dear explorer,

Oh sweet boy, we are so blessed to have you in our family!  What a year you’ve had! Kindergarten with Miss Brooke has been a real treat. You received the “most improved behavior award” on the last day of school lol! You’re becoming quite a reader and your Spaulding work on phenoms and sight words are incredible.  I love it when we’re helping the dancer with her spelling and I can hear you working to figure it out as well.

Other milestones…you made your first best friend this year: Zeke Zierenberg. What fun the two of you have had. Playdates, birthdays together…we’ll miss him when he leaves soldier hollow next year! You invited him to join our family the day after your birthday to see “How to train your dragon 2” and eat and play at Del Taco.  It was a very fun day.

The day before we’d rode our bikes with the twins to Ridley’s for your choice of birthday treat: doughnuts! We enjoyed them at the park while watching the small tractor pull out the hot pot boulders from the pond…culvert once again.  The sky darkened and we biked fast and furiously on your new bike but the storm came, blew, and it was wild. Wind, sand, and rain-blown, we made it home and you hopped in the tub ;). That night we had homemade pizza, and for the first night in days, you didn’t sleep out on the tramp. (Had to be well-rested for your birthday).

The yard is blooming with streams you’ve been engineering with your siblings, creating homes for your dinosaurs and other animals ;). And the fort out back is bedded each night by deer.

Your projects make us smile as we watch you learn and grow. Remember that night you and the dancer cleaned the kitchen so well it sparkled?! You can do so many great things. Thanks for being such an amazing big brother to your twin brothers. They love your songs and stories, the toys you set out for them and the walks you help them enjoy. It really does amaze me all you can do for them: burp, change, feed them…you are amazing! Here’s to another great year! Love you so much snuggle bug!
xo ~ ta mère

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