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Originally from a southern California suburb, I spent most holidays and vacations with relatives in Utah.  Visits to Grandpa Jack’s sheep ranch and nearby cousins not only brought adventure, but also a peace in which I was not accustom to at home.  The open fields and old homes, each unique and full of style, sparked within a different sort of excitement found in busy city life.

I found myself looking for strength & simplicity in design and architecture wherever I went.  I loved building, designing and rendering my ideas in sketchbooks, within the margins of my should-be-class-notes, and napkins at restaurants {when not getting teased by my family for bringing a book to the table}.  Orange County immersed me in beautiful friendship, people, and culture.  The simple taste however only left a desire for more.

In junior high and high school I was obsessed with architecture and consider it my first love. During my college years I felt drawn to study language, culture, dance…and embarked on semesters abroad in France and Italy and traveled with a dance team throughout southeast Asia, Canada and the US.  Experiences abroad deepened my love for art and design.

My husband Carl and I met in a design studio at Architecture school.  We graduated in Landscape Architecture a year apart and now own a small Landscape Architecture Firm together.  After we were first married, developing our sense of style and curating our first Utah home, I realized that hanging original artwork on our walls would not fit into our budget as soon as I would like.  So I began painting things I enjoyed to adorn our walls.  Now I hope to welcome beauty and joy on other walls, afford-ably for everyone, of course! 🙂

Recently, as we drove home from a solo art show reception, I confided in my husband that had we possessed unlimited funds so early in life, I would have missed the opportunity to take this artful journey.  Truly, I love and live to create.  It has brought so much joy into our lives.  Sharing this joy as friends and new friends I meet take these pieces into their homes has only increased that joy.  Thanks for all of your support!  xo ~ katrina

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