spelt oat ebelskivers {breakfast or brunch with twins}


This morning I woke in terror, frustration, and utter fear.  I’d had a nightmare about cooking at bear lake…our annual Berg Family Reuinion…the details don’t matter as in dreams they don’t always make sense…

No, it was a revelation of the anxiety I feel about taking baby twins and 3 other kiddos to bear lake for 3 days and cooking dinner for nearly 30 people while caring for those sweet littles. Let’s face it, right now I’m struggling just to feed my little family each meal.  I feel like miracles are daily around here without extra challenges ;).

I used to post food photos here on my blog and instagram to record and share new recipes and our love of food.  These days, those images on instagram are exciting because it’s a healthy meal…perhaps the healthiest in days…and most likely the only pretty thing I might do that day.

Taking care of littles is almost always beautiful…but pretty? 



This morning, (and most mornings), we finish breakfast {or brunch} dishes around 1 or 11:30.

Mornings are the hardest for us, with twins: They need to eat more from their long sleep…which means I’m nursing for a while…then pumping for the twin-who-won’t-nurse, and the big kiddos helping bottle-feed this little twin and sometimes, even the big one, while we cook.

Why aren’t they eating cereal you ask? I asked the designer to stop buying it. He bought it while I was on bedrest and for a few months post-partum…the healthiest he could find…but we needed to get back to soaking our museli and pancake batter the night before so we get the most nutrient-wise.  And when that doesn’t happen, grinding the flour fresh in the morning and eggs are our go-to.  Our immune systems were a little sad from letting things go while i was down and we’ve been trying to get them happy again :).


So we’re trying.  It’s slow, and I’m praying we survive Bear Lake without a mother-break-down of sorts. I’m looking forward to the freezing shallow-for-days water…the big blue cloud-filled skies for miles, and taking it all in, while watching 3 in-paradise big kids and 2 sets of chubby toes digging in the wet sand.

Maybe the chicken pox have saved us from doing too much this summer…I’m grateful.  It’s been nice in so many sweet little simple ways. 

Now to brace ourselves for the finale of summer. 

Heaven help us.

Oh, sorry. I know you already are!

Hang in there beautiful friends.  Celebrate one pretty thing today in your beautiful life!  Love to all!  xo~ katrina

You can find a few other versions of ebelskivers our family enjoy here.


spelt oat ebelskivers

4 large eggs
1 1/2 cups freshly ground spelt flour
1 cup freshly ground oat flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp sea salt
2 cups almond milk
1 cup greek yogurt
4 tbs softened butter
1-2 tbs coconut oil (for greasing pan)
raw sugar (ground) & cinnamon for dusting

1. combine ingredients in blender except coconut oil and cinnamon & sugar
2. warm ebelskiver pan at medium heat on stove
3. put a very small bit of coconut oil in each hole (maybe a 16th or so of a tablespoon…seriously you don’t need much)
4. pour dough in holes (nearly full)
allow to cook for a few minutes, or until tops are nearly done…bubbling, turn and cook another minute. (use a skewer or something similar to turn them…you can also tell if they are done when skewer or metal fork comes out clean when turning).
5. roll ebelskivers in cinnamon & sugar and serve.

makes 6 or seven batches of 7  (42-49 ebelskivers)


6 thoughts on “spelt oat ebelskivers {breakfast or brunch with twins}

  1. I’m with you Katrina! Gary and I are hosting our family reunion this summer here in Washington. There will be 31 of us and I’m pretty nervous about how it’s all going to work out. It’ll be an adventure for sure! I am amazed you have twins. They are adorable! My last two boys are pretty close in age so sometimes I feel like I have twins as they both fight for my lap and attention 🙂 I can only imagine how busy you must be! Enjoy your final month of summer! Bear Lake is so fun!

    • Haha! Lucky boys they are! How I miss you ;). Nancy and John have started preliminary freshman ward reunion planning for next year. I’ll email you about it and we can talk family reunion too. xo!

  2. I feel nervous for you. There is one difference between you and me: you are going, I would have stayed home!! We need to see you this summer!! I’m serious! Bless your heart.

    • Yes, yes, we need to make it happen…miss you so much! Lol, we’ve seriously stayed home the entire summer…I feel so bad for the kiddos. I’ve not been able to take them swimming, hiking, or biking (except once to the store)…they’ve all been so patient in hopes of bear lake redemption I suppose ;). xo

  3. I admire all you’re doing, Trina. I think you’re amazing! And I’m sorry you have a little one that won’t nurse- that mus be a struggle in and of itself.

    • I’m definitely not giving up on nursing, he’ll use the nipple shield every once in a while, but yes, its totally been a struggle. Just hoping the mastitus will stop and he’ll jump on board. I love nursing…ahh we’ll see. Your Charlie is so precious, congrats beautiful friend! xo

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