an olympian pregnancy {38 weeks with twins}


As Carl and I watched the ever exciting ski slopestyle, I realized and shared with him that I feel like I’ve somehow mis-qualified for the Pregnant Olympics.

Without special training, obviously with the lowest times & scores ever known in Pregnant Olympic history…and the fact that I have shown up late enough that I’ve not had the opportunity to even try the course!

But there is my name on the leader board (no, you won’t see me interviewed or even mentioned in media coverage).  I won’t be making the next round, semi-finals or finals for that matter.

And no, I’ve never taken a belly picture with previous pregnancies – but it’s the Olympics after all, and we do unimaginable rituals like belly pictures and we proudly wear ugly Christmas sweaters…

Heck, I didn’t even make it to Sochi in time to walk out with my team during the Opening Ceremonies (couldn’t really walk that far anyway).

But here I am…the clueless underdog with a speedskate suit (body) that is clearly slowing me down. Not sure it was made for me and it can’t possibly be my size, but I’m wearing it all the same…

…that’s really how I’m feeling though this 38th week pregnant with our boys’:

● a bit confused (yes, I’m now taking stuff to help me sleep…adds to the overall confusion),
● extremely uncomfortable,
● working through contractions that lead nowhere,
● a bit under the weather (shouldn’t let my thirsty kiddos drink out of my water bottle – ever),
● and wondering if my skin will hold up another 2 weeks if these boys prefer being well-done.

My midwife came yesterday and everything looks great.  The boys are growing and growing (measuring 45 weeks now…no, we don’t even bother checking my girth any more). Blood pressure, pee, pulse, their heartbeats, dialation at a 3, 75 percent effaced: all very standard.  And so we wait.

We wait and watch…

…and wait some more…

…they will come out eventually (they have to right?!)…

…and while I may not receive a medal or a mention in this great Pregnant Olympics (of which I’m sure I’ll never again qualify…thank goodness!)…

…I’m so very grateful to have been given the chance, the great opportunity to be their mother & to love these real Olympians!

For what Olympic event are you currently competing that leaves you completely mystified and ever so humble? Hang in there my fellow Olympians…we shall stand and proudly wear our ugly Christmas sweaters together!!! xo ~ katrina

ps. If you can’t get a hold of me right away, please call Carl…I’m probably knocked out on valerian root after all, or trying to breathe through another pesky contraction…you know, the kind you only get with back labor & posterior babies!

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