any day now {37 weeks with twins}


My beyond-big-belly is as hard as a rock as I sit here trying to ignore the contractions.

Carl & I laugh that I always get false alarm sessions before the real event…so yes, I’m currently ignoring them the best I can. 

I was officially taken off bedrest at 36 weeks and told to get up & start moving.  Silly me just assumed I could get up & go…but this belly of mine is so heavy.  I try to walk & do more one day & then have to take another to recover.


It’s been great watching the Olympics…celebrating those pushing the limits in their passions.  Definitely inspiring my persistence.   I explained to Carl that after a week and a half I thought I’d start to feel stronger.  He laughed and reminded me that at this point, (where the boys are just fattening up), that it is more about maintaining, or simply keeping up with them strength-wise.

Baby A woke me up last night with the strangest karate double-kick, both legs out to the side.  Not that it hurt – just praying he was still head-down.  In some ways I feel him pushing, wanting more room and to get out – but not excited about how he is to make it happen.  I feel like he’s been trying to back out of my pelvis today, lol.


I rub my belly and whisper to him that the process will make him stronger…that it will prepare him for things to come, and that his younger brother is there for him…ready to follow him out.

And so we all wait patiently…or not so patiently (the big kids have come up with some loud Olympic-style games downstairs. wonder Baby A is apprehensive)!

And what are you patiently awaiting?  Happy thoughts wherever you find yourself on the journey!  xo ~ katrina


2 thoughts on “any day now {37 weeks with twins}

  1. Good girl, 37 weeks!!! My dr told me that baby B will be a fighter when she comes out because she had to fight for space and food. Baby A would be a bit calmer. Sure enough, it was true and is still the same today. Can’t wait for those babies to come! xoxox

    • Oh that is so great, I am curious to see what our boys’ temperaments will be! I’ve been up most of the night, will text you if this is it! xo

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