hanging in there with twins 35 weeks and counting


No doubt about it, the highs & lows of pregnancy have been so intense for me with twins.  I think we are officially in survival mode!  I don’t think this happens with everyone, but it has been one of the most physically difficult things I’ve ever done…probably the most actually (broken legs, complete knee reconstruction &; femur shortening were tough but this may take the cake).

The very very good thing is that we past the 35 weeks…safety zone lung-wise for twins. My midwife will help us deliver at home anytime now (provided we don’t require hospital care).  We’re hoping to hang in there till 37 (full-term for twins) or 38 weeks so they can get some meat on their bones.

The boys hit a growth spurt: 38 to 41 week fundal growth over last week and a half…definitely the most I’ve seen – for me at least.  My girth grew another 4 or so cm as well ( can’t remember the number).


The nausea has become a constant companion.  I’m hungry all the time but  just don’t know where to put the food & for the first time during this pregnancy I feel I have truly lost my desire to eat…of course that makes me more nauseated so I’m trying desperately to follow cravings no matter how crazy they sound.  Carl brought over the office mini fridge (thx Dale!) so I can eat without going downstairs when alone…and through the night (otherwise these boys get so hungry I can’t sleep). Right now I have greek yogurt, cheese sticks, green smoothies, salad & salad dressing in there. Outside are bananas, clementines, walnuts, peanuts & cashews.

Physical setbacks:
The skin between my chest and belly is visibly non-existent…so miniscule, that it is trying to stretch and is also causing so much pain (hard to believe, but rivaling the pain from my ribs expanding). I’ve resorted to stuffing socks to keep them in the most comfortable position even through the night.

I’ve had vertigo this past week.  Working on some acupressure points suggested by Tiffany (seems to be lifting). This has happened with a couple other pregnancies.  Sure makes things interesting! (The main reason I’ve not had the patience to write this week).

It’s been very difficult to walk the past few months, but over the past couple weeks, the boys have dropped, and now it is nearly impossible most of the day/night whenever I need to waddle to the bathroom. At first I thought it was just my hips but the pain is particularly bad in my pelvis…feels like they are separating & I have had to have help lifting my left leg onto the bed cause I feel like it has no connection to the rest of me. Carl is on his way to his sister Tonya’s to borrow a walker (thx Tonya!) cause I can’t get to the bathroom without wall & furniture surfing (like my 11 year-old nephew) lol. Carl wants to know how I’m going to get back into bed in the night…I haven’t figured that out yet…

Both babies heads are very low according to my midwife Richelle (I definitely was feeling that, but I’ve only done this a few other times…she’s delivered 3 babies just in the past couple weeks). So Victoria to the rescue: she’s coming tomorrow & will see what can be done with this silly frame of mine.


The Fam:
Meanwhile, on the home front, everyone seems to be nesting this weekend.  The hanging cradle is all ready, the babies clothes are neatly in their drawers, the library has been rearranged, and the kiddos got started on their Valentines.   The builder enjoyed his first cub scout Klondike & the dancer celebrated her first Primary classmate’s baptism.

A beautiful Saturday last week in Heber Valley.  Perfect day for the kiddos first X-country ski race. They had a  wonderful day. The dancer returned and shouted up to me, “That was AWESOME!” (Reminded me of the neighbor kid with his trike on Incredibles who thinks they are totally wicked!)

The explorer was a little confused that his sister didn’t wait for him.  Guess we could have explained the whole “race” thing a little better to him! How was your week of survival?!  xo ~ katrina


(After skiing with Auntie Reesa at one of Midway’s free ice castles!)

17 thoughts on “hanging in there with twins 35 weeks and counting

  1. Congrats on making it this far! I stopped working at 36 weeks and I found that’s when it got the hardest but you are almost there 🙂 I hope you have an easy and healthy delivery.

    • Thanks so much Shannon for your encouragement, I am so very impressed that you worked till 36 weeks! What a super woman!

        • 😉 All 3 of ours are in school full time this year, so timing was perfect. I don’t think I’d have made it this far if I’d had any of them home…let alone a toddler! I really hope these boys come no later than 38 +4 but two healthy babies is worth it!

        • Where I live they won’t let you go past 39 weeks. I was so excited to very vaginal delivery and it turns out I gained 50% of my prepregnancy body weight for a reason as they were 14lbs combined (feel free to check out my “twin skin” pics.
          To answer your question I would love more kids but I am infertile and it took a year of trying and over $8000 to get pregnant last time. Then when I finally did it was triplets and I ended up miscarrying one, which still kind of haunts me because I have the twins to remind me. So I don’t think I could ever go through that again, physically, emotionally or financially. I suffered in silence and to this day my parents don’t even know which is why I couldn’t post it on my blog. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.

        • I’m sending you the hugest hug! Infertility is hard but losing one is even harder…and to come with your twin beauties! Deepest sympathies. Totally understand about not being able to tell your parents. I remember wishing my parents would read my blog as I wrote it first for them to connect with our kiddos from far away. Years later my mom reads it from time to time & I feel bad that I am more open at times on my blog. So I did look at your photos you are incredible. I was so impressed I showed my neighbor who came over a bit tonight. Where do you live that they can force you to induce (totally ok if you can’t tell me). We lived in Vegas with our first birth and I was simply amazed at the rules the hospitals forced on the doctors and patients. We’re in Utah now and it seems like we have more choices thank goodness!

        • We live in Ontario Canada. They have me studies that show that twin mortality does increase after 39 weeks. Plus, baby A didn’t go head down until almost 38 weeks so I wanted to get her out before she turned again and I did not want a c section! I felt a little bad, but they were totally fine and it worked out well because not only were we able to arrange sitting fort two year old, they were actually born on my husband’s birthday! They can’t ever be mad about sharing with eachother cause there is three of them now lol

        • Oh that is good to know about the mortality rate study. And how special that they share a bird with your husband! I’m with you on c-sectioning…scares me like crazy! One more reason to coax these boys out in the next couple weeks or so! Their heads ate both down there, practically on top of each other…I think they are running out of room to flip let alone for baby A to rotate to anterior, what a blessing your princess turned!

        • More blessings. Our horrible health care is just getting worse…maybe we should move to Ontario. I’ve been a couple times and loved it! Having our babies at home has cost less but of course we can’t turn in any receipts to any health plans here. It’s such a mess!

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