first day of summer (school is out! )


The kiddos are signing été, summer, in french. We are working on 3 new words each day of été.  Words and phrases they relate to that day…like maillot de bain or swim suit:


We’ve started a notebook where we’ll keep track of the words we are learning.Tonight, they were so excited to share with the designer what they had learned.


A day full of sunshine, they ran in the sun, or soleil, all day long…water fights, bubbles, helping Grandma mulch,  and plant tomatoes & peppers.


Later we rode our bikes to the post office, read books together, & they jumped on the tramp with the designer after dinner…a very good start to an adventurous été.

What adventures are you looking forward to this summer?


2 thoughts on “first day of summer (school is out! )

  1. That’s great to hear! Here in belgium, kids begin their Summer holiday only at the end of June till 7th of September! They will have a lot of fun, I am sure!

  2. 😉 very cool, we have cousins in Zurich on a similar summer break…wish we could come see all of you during ours! xo

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