almost there


Welcome :), here is the entry, looking through the front door. We’ve been washing windows,  mopping floors, & anything else we can to get ready to move in.


We are learning all sorts of new tricks in  how to wash the large windows…the norwex mop & polishing cloth do a fine job.  Here’s a sneak peek at some of the rooms:


The downstairs bath is almost done…Levi did a fabulous job on the subway & penny tiles…the salvage wall-mount sink & claw foot tub are really fun…so happy Ben the plumber was patient & made it work.


Thanks to Calder, Barn the welder, & the designer,  the restaurant sink is secure & working…the kiddos love to squeeze the pre-rinse faucet.


The old school conference table…hoping we won’t have to move it again (we’re not the only ones ;), Brit, the Childs family,  to name a few). We sure appreciate it,  thanks so much everyone!


A few peaceful moments.  Anxious for more.  Meanwhile, the kiddos have been feeding the new neighbors:


Soon! Very soon…and then the real work & adventure begins! xo ~ katrina

6 thoughts on “almost there

  1. This is amazing!!! I’m going to have to make a special adventure with the kids to see you this summer!

    • Oh we would love to have an adventure with you & your darlings, it’s been way too long…I was thinking about Max’s baptism just the other day…it goes so fast! xo

  2. Oh, Katrina. It is beautiful. I’ll need to drive by on one of our Heber visits. I am thrilled for you!

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