Inside the house


Over the past couple weeks we’ve seen some exciting changes…most importantly,  it is officially safe now that the bridge,  stairs,  & above the greenhouse have railings!


Above the entry is a darling salvage window that creates conversion between the guest room &  entry or bridge…even master side of upstairs, as well as giving a mirrored view of the fields, dairy,  & grazing cows.


Meanwhile,  in the kitchen,  friends helped us move in the salvage school prep table & oven range, and the refinished claw foot tub is resting in the pantry.


Barn Bonner adjusted the sink to fit snug against the window, and welded a sweet cradle in which  to drop a salvage cast iron sink.  We’ve been so pleased with he and his “B Boys”.


Outside, it seems more appropriate to say “behold!” As we weren’t sure if we’d ever have soffits! The skylight will do wonders releasing heat in the greenhouse during Summer.  Later this afternoon they finished covering the rigid insulation you see under the french doors. 

Maybe just a couple more weeks? Getting closer each day :).  Here’s to progress…sometimes its a long time waiting…but I’m convinced its worth the wait!  Here’s to waiting for the good stuff in life! xo, katrina

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