poetry & red butte gardens


(apologies to those of you who’ve received this post already…learning how to use my smart phone & had a publishing issue)

You and Your Children by Maria Montessori

When you are given joy, go to children, and let them share it.
When you suffer a great sorrow, go to children, and let them console you.
When you are in pain, let children heal you.
When you are about to start a great enterprise, ask children to lead you.
When you feel full of courage, devote it to children, so that they may guide it.
When you find a great treasure, place it at children’s feet, so that they may preserve it.
When you are in doubt and have little faith, go to children that they may enlighten and strengthen you.
Wherever you are, whatever you do, whenever you think, let children be with you.


When I first read the poem, I immediately asked myself if I was including all I could with my children…

After our first miscarriage loss, the dancer’s healing powers and love were exceptionally strong.  I remember ZD telling me to let her help me, that she wanted to, and that I needed her.  Lately, all I want to do is heal her from the constant emptiness she feels without a sister.  We had a long talk last week and I reminded her that until she gets her sister, that I am here, and that I will always be here for her.  I hope she knows that in her heart.  I played Castle on A Cloud for the kiddos the past couple days.  They love the line, “she says, Cosette, I love you very much.”  As their mom, I want to be their lady dressed in white…who sings them lullabies, and loves them very much.  🙂



Then, as I was enjoying the kindergarten conversations of the dancer and her car-mates, I realized that it was I who was blessed today as they allowed me to be a part of their trip to the Red Butte GardensFoothill Oriental Rugs, & Sugar House Park.


The journey today seemed to be more beautiful, every step I took…watching Girlie smell a daffodil or Sheldon working on another sketch of mother nature’s beauty…it was a lovely, lovely day.


The garden was beautiful…but it was breathtaking when one of the children ran across or smiled…much like everything in life: they magnify and beautify wherever they go.  One of our favorite discoveries today: fritillaria


What was your beautiful discovery today?  Did you share it with a small but hugely important person in your life?  xo ~ katrina

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