wild april & an update on the house


April in Utah is all about the colors green and white.  The snow can’t decide if it should be finished, but the grass keeps on trying.

Just last week the explorer joined his cousin in the front yard for an afternoon of joy in river-making.  They grabbed the hose and took advantage of the ruts the gas company and other large trucks made in the front yard during Winter.


Two little future civil engineers/landscape architects….future kindergartners.


While the designer and I painted trim and baseboards…the boys happily worked non-stop.  They were dirty and ever so happy!


This week the highlight for the kiddos has been watching Cory & Brett, Levi, & John installing trim & shelving, tile, and finishing up.


Levi even let the builder lay a tile.  Ask him…he’ll tell you all about it and which one.  🙂


Meanwhile, the dancer and explorer were helping Cory and Brett by shop-vac-ing the living room where sawdust has taken over a bit.


We are enjoying our new neighbors…they are pretty quiet.

The railings were installed yesterday, so the bridge is officially safe.  I think I finished painting today.  Just some touch-ups and then the next thing I hope to paint is the barn-door (James Hendrix is making) to our bedroom.  It will take a while but I’m looking forward to breaking out my paints!  Hopefully soon.

Till then, we’re still waiting on the soffits.  We are told tomorrow.  🙂

Happy wild Spring everyone…what colors are you enjoying? xo ~ katrina

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