the builder turns 8!


It really is great to be eight :).

A couple months ago, the designer, builder and I attended our ward’s great to be eight program.  I was especially touched, sitting there with the two of them, thinking about the upcoming and unforgettable opportunity before our lil/big builder.

He’s been preparing: learning the Articles of Faith with his siblings, mock interviews with our Home Teachers…and a lot of discussions.

Meanwhile, we’ve watched him grow in so many ways this year.  He shared with his siblings and I last week that he wants to ski when he is older (at his school’s recent Olympics, he skied on team Spain in a relay, obstacle course, and the biathlon) …and when he isn’t skiing he wants to sew…specifically: felting, like the projects we do at Meredith and Wacky Nancy’s Open Studio.


He is a good friend.  He loves a good joke.  His favorite right now: what do you find on the stomach of a jellyfish?  a jelly-button!

Still an avid builder and inventor, I love to watch his latest project.  He is full of ideas and solutions.  He has a huge heart and loves to help others. A helper to all…especially his siblings.  And he loves to be silly with his siblings.

We love you buddy, may this year be another wonderful adventure for you!


4 thoughts on “the builder turns 8!

  1. Happy Birthday Buddy! Eight is fantastic. And congrats to you too, as the mom! Eight is a huge milestone!

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