some favorite eclectic kitchens

When it comes to kitchen style and cabinet choices…you can see that I’m really all over the board.
I think some important things to consider when designing your kitchen are:
  • what do you cook most?  and how do you do it?
  • which tools and appliances are you using?  how do you prefer to store them?
  • how much personality do you really want in there?  or do you prefer it to be clean and simple?
  • what do you really love?…use it and enjoy it in your kitchen
I love love the handmade tile wall – Some of us like to have everything tucked in and put away…clean and out of mind right?

I like to leave a few things out (like my artisan mixer) to make a sculptural statement…and for ease of use.   And I’ve already chosen a few oil paintings to hang above the sink, range, and in the kitchen nook.
Are you the type that enjoys tools on the wall and pots hanging from the ceiling?  I personally love a few of the most-used pots hanging from the ceiling…tools and open shelving.  And do you like a hood above your range?  Or would you rather use the space for storage with a cabinet or open shelf?  I am too short for high cabinets…it’s just too dangerous, so we’ll not be having any, but some love love to have the accessibility and ease of over head storage.
Are you looking for useful utilitarian industrial/rustic touches?
Here is a beautiful backsplash design with open shelves & exposed beams.  Plenty of natural light and collections of things loved, but clean and crisp.
Another beautiful collection…everything in this kitchen feels like it’s always been there…so cozy
Speaking of always being there – the Robin’s Egg blue paint, retro fridge & stove, red doors, blue and green accents, for some, will never tire.
Or would you prefer a light filled, charming and cozy cottage style?
For us, I believe, our kitchen will morphe and become as we change and grow…depending on the needs and desires of each family member…it will be a wonderful journey, I am sure!  What do you do and enjoy most in your kitchen (or future kitchen?)  Happy kitchen dreaming everyone! xo ~ katrina

4 thoughts on “some favorite eclectic kitchens

  1. I love the 1st & 3rd kitchen the most. In our house, that we bought, 1 year ago, we have a large kitchen, with white marbled kitchen counters, ideal for rolling pizza dough & light brown & marine colouring on the kitchen cabinets.

    We also have a large double sink that is placed crosswise in our kitchen, so that we can see the living room, while doing the dishes. I love my big kitchen. We also have a lot of kitchen counter space! 🙂 I have a gas cooker with 5 hobs: Ideal for entertaining too. I wished you lived close to me so that I could invite all of your lovely family! 🙂 We would have lots of fun cooking & eating together! 🙂 xxx

    • Oh we would luv luv to come to dinner and we’d love to have you and your husband here..yes yes, we would have so much fun together! The kids love making pizza and rolling out the dough…I would so love to see photos of your kitchen! Have you already posted some on your blog? And what kind is your gas cooker? xo

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