favorite ranges for professional cooks…or professional eaters!

(photo above brittania oven range)

The designer and I were printing out spec sheets the other day for Paul-the-builder…so he could finalize the electrical in the kitchen.  The designer’s co-worker came in and was surprised at our “fancy oven.”

Yeah, the designer explained, all Katrina really wanted was a nice oven…she would have been happy in a tent as long as she had a nice oven range to cook on.    Sounds silly, but it is very true.  We spend most of our time cooking and creating in the kitchen.  And I’m an impatient gal when it comes to appliances (don’t like to wait for the dishwasher…so I wash by hand…love to cook multiple things in the oven and on the range), so I for one, am fabulously grateful.

Over the past few years I’ve researched how to make the most out of our kitchen and cooking area…the kitchen is a bit utilitarian and simple in so many ways…and I’ve read a LOT on professional residential oven ranges.   Sure, I’d heard about Viking and Wolf…but I wanted to know what else was out there and was happily surprised when I found out that many were high powering and also beautiful…in multiple colors!  There are mini sizes for those with limited space,  standard and a bit larger…to very large and in-charge oven ranges.   Options include: higher BTUs, griddle, grill, simmering plate, wok, rotisserie, warming oven, multiple ovens, several cooking modes, & several burners,  Here are some we admire and adore (but didn’t buy):

La Canche – by far my favorite.  I actually planned much of the kitchen’s budget around having this range.  But when push came to shove we found a scratch-n-dent of another wonderful brand that would work famously (we are so very excited).  I loved the functions as well as the style of La Canche.    It is a piece of art and will be forever in any home, I’m convinced.

Smeg – I have been in love with the Smeg retro fridges for years, but recently learned about their oven ranges.  Sleek and modern…and less expensive than many similar products.  They also have more traditional styles as well.


Aga – are legendary ..a great product that has been around forever.   Not much I can add except that they are sensational.

Capital – we fell in love with these, (again), for the function, high quality and low price.  Definitely worth a look.


La Cornue – Another classic that comes in so many colors with so many choices.

So there you have it…lots of fabulous ranges out there…what are your favorites, and where have you seen the best deals? xo ~ katrina

11 thoughts on “favorite ranges for professional cooks…or professional eaters!

  1. I am currently renovating my kitchen, I can only do an electric range or cooktop due to geographics. Any suggestions? Also, what type of cabinets are you installing? I need some ideas:)

    • Hi Darlene 🙂 I grew up in a home with cooktops…my parents had an electric cooktop that we all enjoyed (thinking it was a GE), now they have a magnetic one. My mom adores it and you do have to buy new pans that will conduct correctly or it doesn’t work. I’ll ask her the brand’s name. An all electric range…smeg makes an induction range and electric oven: http://www.smeg.com/product/cs19id-7/
      I’ll look a couple more places & let you know what I find. As for cabinets…we won’t have any…I’ve planned for a very large pantry and will use my pie safe for now to put everyday dishes and such (so the kiddos can set the table all themselves). I don’t like the kiddos or I climbing on the counter to get everything. (so dangerous…especially for me…they are so nimble) 🙂 If I had to though, I saw some nice ones at Restore at a great price…there are some fun salvage options out there. If you can splurge, go for whatever style you know you’ll love forever…no matter where the styles trend. I’ve got a whole style folder of cute kitchens & cabinets…I’ll post on them soon for you. 🙂

    • Don’t they just make you happy and feel so confident in the kitchen? They say to me, “Come and cook, you’ll enjoy something delicious!” xo

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