my little chefs


I thought for sure that with the kiddos gone each morning and less creating together in the kitchen…would lead to a lack of interest within those realms.  But the opposite seems to be the case.  I came up the other afternoon to find a beyond beautiful (and edible) salad waiting to be enjoyed, courtesy of the dancer:  romaine, pecans, dried apricots, and cherry tomatoes to be exact.  And yes, she’d even cleaned up after herself. 🙂


Around the corner was a bake sale of sorts and a bread and butter brigade in honor of the new darling French bistro butter dish. ($10 steal for sure).  The explorer is probably enjoying the new kerrygold most…he’s had it for snack much this weekend:  “butter toast not toasted”, as he likes to call it.


As for the builder, he dreamed of pancakes using cookie cutters.  We decided against the plastic…and were left with 3 metal.  We learned very quickly that you must spray the inside of each cutter with olive oil before each use.  Unfortunately, we also found that colored metal cutters lose their paint when heated…we ended up with beautiful heart-shaped pancakes, each edge trimmed in red.  Food for thought for sure.


Though we find ourselves rich with blunders within the kitchen, we find ourselves investing in future chefs either way…at least someday they will eat and enjoy eating well from their own recipes and discoveries right?!


dancer appetizer: toasted whole grain tortillas (overcooked, which became chips), with fresh mozzarella  red pepper, avocado, and banana a top…revolutionary 🙂

What follies in the kitchen have turned to real joys for you and your love ones?  xo ~ katrina

2 thoughts on “my little chefs

  1. So so cute!!!! Thanks for sharing! We are getting warmer. Any hope for some thaw in Heber? Love you all! Mom

    • You must be sending the rays, we are melting and sunny today 🙂 Loved Jonny’s Eagle announcement & card…way to go Jon-boy! xo

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