leaves and color

Snow today…made me think of the lovely colors we had just last month.  The Fall colors were exceptional this year.  There are all sorts of theories of “lots of water”  or “not enough water”…local folklore…but the important thing is that it has been absolutely lovely.

36 years…and counting…aren’t they cute!?

We found a great spot just past the Wasatch Golf Course where we took my parents and Reesa.  Always fun to have a family photo shoot of sorts…

So we did it again the next day…

with the designer’s sister and their beautiful family…

We’re so happy our Texan cousins decided to try out the Rocky Mountains…

…hopefully for a long while!

At the close of each day in kindergarten, the dancer’s class share their appreciations.  Usual things like, I appreciate my mom, dad, dog, Ms. Kaara, toys, etc….every once in a while they appreciate something that melts your heart.  Me?  Today, I appreciate Fall colors…and seasons! xo ~ katrina

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