our dream modern green house – the last of the walls

Before the last wall set pouring, the Paul-the-builder asked if we’d like to do anything special with the entry walls…um, yes, please!



Just before taking of for Fall break, I spent most of the day with tacky stuff placing local leaves and shrubbery to leave imprints.  When we returned from break we watched the last of the walls raised into place.


There were the leaves…happily leaving a permanent reminder of nature’s beauty and hopefully bring the outside into our home.  After they cure, we’ll power-wash and do some light chiseling to reveal the patterns.

Its been so fun to share the excitement of the crane with friends and family.  Memories never to be forgotten.

This weekend, the designer and I enjoyed a progressive dinner with our future neighborhood.  Can’t tell you how much we admire and enjoy them already.  So excited.



Despite the small flurry-of-white setback this week…they’ve finished footings, begun back-filling and welding panels, finished burying the power lines, and even drove the skid-steer into the living room to compact before adding foam insulation and rebar.  This week they’ll add the radiant tubing and pour come of the concrete floors.


Meanwhile, here are a few more shots…

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