our dream modern green home – walls

A midst all of the excitement, our favorite part so far has definitely been watching the crane lift each wall panel into place.  And at the beginning of each week there we are, ready to watch the latest batch go up and in.

First, Paul and his crew poured part of the driveway where they put the wall forms, filled them with rebar and openings for the windows before filling them with concrete.  After curing for a few days, the crane would safely lift them into place.

Beginning to see the views and feel the spaces of the home has been surreal.

Of course, the kiddos have been in heaven playing and exploring around the building site.

The builder found the builder’s set of plans and showed us which walls were going in and where.

The builder and dancer surfing on the wall forms.

Memories and fun to be shared, it’s been so fun to document the process.

Ah, the corner window…can’t wait to enjoy it.  Here’s a slideshow with a video of the walls being put into place:

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