our dream modern green home – the house plans

Longer than I can remember, I’ve designed and dreamed of building a home just for us.

A home meant to last…hopefully one where generations will find joy, learn, & work together.  One in which we could feel confident about the materials used…for our children, for those who’ve manufactured them, etc.  An abode passively warmed by the sun through orientation and a greenhouse, and kept at a fairly constant temperature using concrete tilt-up walls as thermal mass.

Being totally off the grid was an enticing option, but with the land we could afford (it’s walking distance to the designer’s office & old-town) and the (not-so-great, or lack-of) local options for selling back power…we have decided that this plan and location will offer us the opportunity to stay within a reasonable budget and the opportunity to be quite self-sustaining.

Radiant heat in the concrete floors and a wood burning stove are our back up sources for heat.  No forced air A/C  or heating units.  Maybe one day we can add panels to gain the power need for our electricity.  Meanwhile, the natural light will flood the home, and we’ll use natural gas in our oven/stove top and perhaps in some of our future clothes washing appliances.  I still like to dry as much outside and on the line indoors as possible.

We’ve read, and studied, talked with all sorts of experts…and studied some more…visited similar homes, and are finally going to try out our theories, hopes, and dreams.  There were so many things we knew we wanted…hours spent at the drawing board.  Our architect took those designs and desires and created a modern beauty.

Some of our favorite parts of Todd’s design:

  • floor to ceiling windows at entry, a view that continues right out to the back…with a view up Gaurdsman Pass
  • the corner window in the living room that perfectly frames the designer & I’s favorite view of Widow’s Peak (we fell in love with it after spending evenings admiring it’s beauty in our previous condo home)
  • a view from the kitchen to the living room, outside and back out the other way looking at Timpanogos
  • oolite stone wall that goes from in front of the garage, through the house and back out again
  • greenhouse right off the kitchen where we can grow all year ’round (yes, I will be bringing citrus and avocado trees from Cali)
  • upstairs art studio doors open over greenhouse, letting in warmth and light
  • bedrooms and laundry all on the 2nd level
  • a vertical window going up the stairs
  • detached garage (hiding behind stone wall)

Todd has designed the house in a Swiss Modern style (which we obviously adore).  What do you think?  Do you like modern architecture?  How far off the grid would you like to be…or are you?   Would you ever consider living in a passive solar home?  Here’s to dreams everyone! xo ~ katrina

16 thoughts on “our dream modern green home – the house plans

  1. It’s beautiful, Trina! If you’re in walking distance to Old Town, you’re probably really close to us. Why haven’t we gotten together, anyway?

    • I agree :), let’s make it happen! The house is near Memorial Hill…we are living with my mother-in-law who is by the district office in Heber…you still in Heber or did you move?

  2. Katrina, I am loving, loving, loving this. It’s beautiful. I want it. I love the windows, the studio, the greenhouse, the heating/cooling, love it all. Good for you. Jealous. Thank you for sharing.

    • You’re so cute lady, we still need to get you up to Midway to teach a class. For sure, you’ll have to come see it and give me some green goddess tips!

  3. Your designed house looks pretty spectacular, is it like a passive house? Really cool & you all have thought about everything so very well! 🙂
    Lucky you! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your becoming house to us! 🙂 xxx

    • Yes :), it is passive. So familiar to you and Europe…yet not so much here in the US. We are so very excited. xo

  4. Oh, It’s everything as I dreamed. 🙂 You guys are in for such a treat! Thanks for sharing a peak with us!!! I especially LOVE the green house. My own Avocados in the PNW are in the works. Yum. 🙂 I looked up that stone too. Pretty amazing.~
    p.s. Do you keep tabs on your design ideas on Pinterst? If so, I would love to snoop some more!
    Thanks !!!

    • Oh yea, and I am definitly planning to build a passive solar home if I get a chance to build some day! So brilliant. Why don’t we use it more I wonder!? I really admire modern architecture. So fancy yet simple. 😉

    • You are darling Julie :). I can’t wait to hear all about your avocados! I so need to be updating with pinterest…I’ve got quite a bit pinned but definitely need to update…follow me and I promise to add more design ideas. I too am wondering why we don’t design more passive solar in the US. It just makes sense! xo

  5. LOVE modern homes…and yours is lovely. I’m so excited for you guys. And I’m pretty darn sure that Todd is my cousin Cindy’s husband? So, I guess that would make Todd my cousin. 🙂 Small world. Thanks for sharing your plans with us. Oh-and the greenhouse off of the kitchen? Amazing.

    • jayci! oh my, what a very small small world :). We love Todd & Cindy. Hugs to you and that darling little! xo

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