punching in our time-cards

We are in full swing: the kiddos all in school and I’m back at work mornings with the designer.  It makes for an exciting morning…finally I think we are getting the hang of it.


The builder and dancer are attending Soldier Hollow Charter School together: the builder in 2nd and the dancer in all-day kindergarten.  So far so good.  After school, we all sit at the table together where they all do homework together…no, the explorer doesn’t have assigned homework from his teacher…he makes up his own or pulls out a workbook.  I hope his enthusiasm will continue into next year when he’ll be in kindergarten!

The explorer is attending Growing Light  Montessori.  He and I walk to his school together each morning from the office (we also rode there from home last week…he in the trailer).  It is nice to have the quiet simple time just he and I.  We wave to passers-by on Main Street, watch for water skeeters in the ditch, say hello to the neighborhood dogs, and name the flowers we find.

Meanwhile, it’s nice to work regularly again at the drawing board and on the computer…

All but the first day photo were taken on “picture day”…the designer and I’ve banned school photos (meaning, we choose not to pay for them…though I do let them pick out their outfits, hair etc.,…as usual I suppose :))…instead, the kiddos and I, and Noah (our carpool buddy) took some photos after school at Tate Barn.  Don’t you just love Fall?!  It really is my favorite Season.  I need to watch You’ve got Mail…ahh fresh starts.  xo ~ katrina

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