alphabet kindergartners


One of the joys of the kiddos attending the charter school is the obligation or invitation to spend time volunteering.  We’ve been blessed to have an overwhelmingly wonderful kindergarten teacher: Ms. Kaara, for both the builder and the dancer.  They love her and so do I.

Last week we worked on the annual alphabet letters…made by the students of course.  They were so fun to work with and ever so patient.


Pictured are some of my favorites (including the dancer of course) an dher darling classmates.  Seriously, I really do adore each and everyone of them.  I feel blessed to have a bit of time with them each week!

Some of the alphabet letters are definitely a bit on the imaginative/abstract side.  A slideshow of all 26 can be viewed below which is of course easier as they are all in order.  Enjoy!


What is your favorite part about school for littles?  xo ~ katrina

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