a few more paper ornaments designed by the dancer

The dancer helped make another group of ornaments…with catalog paper this time.  Thinner, pattern, words and unexpected blocks of color.  She had new ideas for shapes and our gathering of old beads and small objects really made the finishing touches.  Bits of straw and string to help hang the new sculptures.  I think we’ll keep on working and perhaps we’ll have a tree entirely of paper ornaments next year.  I love it because they won’t ever shatter, and if we need to, we can always make more and reuse the detail pieces.

A many pointed star.  I think I’ll spray some water seal on this one to help it keep it’s shape.

The fan.  There are two glass beads on each side of the fan…hard to see in this photo, but really fun.

Good thing we were running out of sheet paper…great way to find one more use for my favorite material (besides paint): magazine/catalog paper!

Have you been hand-making bits of your holiday celebration?  What are your favorite projects? xoxo ~ katrina

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