homemade hot cocoa (using raw milk)

The kiddos were craving some hot cocoa tonight…

raw hot cocoa

4 cups raw milk, warmed on low heat (we’ve also enjoyed using almond milk)
2 tsp cocoa (the best you can find: organic, free trade, from an honorable company)
1/2 cup raw sugar (ground in blender)
dash of cinnamon, orange rind, nutmeg, ground cloves, chili powder, mint (whatever you choose)

  1. In a small bowl combine cocoa and sugar
  2. Pour milk into mug/cups and add 1 tsp of dry mixture
  3. Finish with a dash of your favorite spices or combination

Tonight I added just cinnamon, but can’t wait to try orange rind and cloves…or chili pepper…I love hot hot chocolate 🙂

serves 4-6

Growing up, our family always drank wassail during the holidays…I still love a good cup of wassail…but I can tell that hot chocolate will be a fav around here for a while.  Once I made it for us with almond milk and a chocolate bar. 🙂

What special holiday drinks do you enjoy as a family? xo ~ katrina

2 thoughts on “homemade hot cocoa (using raw milk)

  1. Love it! If you’re buying your raw milk from Heber Valley Cheese, come stop by and play one morning :). Also, try their raw cheese…it’s divine! xo

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