bonne anniversaire tiny dancer!

Dearest dancer,

Happiest of birthdays sweetheart.  5 beautifully wonderful years.  I’m so grateful to be your momma, your friend, your dance partner, art teacher, and to have you for my sous-chef.

I’ve been thinking this week about how blessed I am to have you in my life…how blessed we all are to have you in our family.  You are so very kind to your brothers: playful, thoughtful, flexible, caring, and watchful.  You’re so ready for kindergarten.  Knowing that you’re now five, you asked me to call and see if there was now room at Soldier Hollow’s kindergarten.  I’m so excited to see you grow and chase your love of learning at school…I know you will just love it.  But I’m so glad to have you with the explorer and I this year.  You’ve brought so much love and strength.  We will sorely miss you when there is room for you.

Watching you grow and conquer fears this year has been a treasure.  Discovering your love for people and animals.  You love to chat about each of your friends and cousins.  I love to hear your insights.  Out in more public settings I enjoy your observations and admire how you are learning to recognize choices and consequences that follow.  Your choice to not judge when you see someone struggling or one who is different will continue to help you throughout your life, your compassion will grow, as will your happiness as you follow your desire to love and serve others.

Thank you for being that angel to so many around you.  I am ever impressed by your intuitive nature and open heart.  I love the precious time we spend together learning and growing.  May you find great love, learning, adventures, and joy in your 6th year.  I love you so very much my little dancer.  Thank you for being you!

luv, momma

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