le petit déjeuner: an allegory – original oil

le petit déjeuner: an allegory by katrina berg, 48×36 oil on cradled masonite

Yep, on it’s side, this painting is nearly as tall as I.  🙂  The art studio was almost completely taken over while I worked away.  It is full biblical/religious symbolism.  If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll happily divulge.  Wondering what you see within the brushstrokes…what it means to you.

le petit déjeuner is breakfast in French.  What routines welcome your day?  Do they have significance?  xoxo~katrina

Here are some photos from our first summer weekend at Liberty Park in Salt Lake.  Aww summer. I named the photos greecian urns for that is what the kiddos remind me of…Music Man’s end of summer festival where the mayor’s wife and her friends presented some talent performance that where they had different positions they would form together and called them greecian urn 1 and 2 or something like that.  I remember giggling about that part with my sisters and making our own “greecian urns”.  These photos make me think of those funny ladies and their urns.

I need to show that movie/musical to the kiddos…they would love it.  🙂

2 thoughts on “le petit déjeuner: an allegory – original oil

  1. I love Liberty Park with the Bergs! I think I’m coming to UT in July and would love to go with you guys then if you’d like to go again 🙂

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