dans le jardin – an original oil

dans le jardin by katrina berg 30×30 oil on cradled masonite

Last week the kiddos and I took a nice long walk to Midway’s Old Town to drop some stuff off at a friend’s.  They were really good to walk and help pull the wagon.  After we made the drop-off the builder figured out that I could push him inside the wagon, in front of the now-empty-trailer with the other kiddos while he steered the wagon.  I pushed them to the designer’s office where we had lunch on Tarahumara’s lovely patio…the kiddos running back and forth to the fountain sheltered with the crab apple tree’s blossoms and shade.

Friday evening I finished the above painting outside on the back patio while the kiddos rode their bikes on the trail.  The explorer had his trike upside down and he was turning the pedals, making ice cream for his siblings and I.  It was a wonderful afternoon…my first plein air of the year.  Can’t wait to have more of it!

What are you looking forward to most this week in your garden or yard?   Hooray for summer! xoxo ~ katrina

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