domino dreams – an original oil

domino dreams by katrina berg, 30×30 oil

The wallpaper in the painting is inspired by de Gournay’s portobello, which I first fell in love with thanks to the Domino Magazine staff and their Book of Decorating.  It’s just bright and cheery enough to evoke happy outdoor magic indoors.  One thing I love about painting is the opportunity to share all the colors, patterns, graphics and wallpaper I love without having to make it all fit into our lil’ home harmoniously.

Back to Domino…I’ve tried so hard to find other Domino-esque venues, but it’s just not the same.  Still miss you Domino!  Meanwhile, I’ll continue to paint with you in mind… and all of us Domino-missing-sick-lovers out there.

Yes, there will be more scenes with de Gournay’s portobello…I think it’s simply delicious.  🙂

Here’s to dreaming! xoxo ~ katrina



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