happy birthday lil’ explorer

Year 3!  Happy birthday sweet boy.  We’re so blessed to have you in our family.  I look forward to your hugs, kisses, help around the house and your incredible giggle.  You’ve been amazing as you keep up with your siblings as we go for long walks.  You love to join the builder on big boy adventures.  I love how you are so thoughtful of your big sister and love to give her kisses while she is asleep or when she is hurt.  Thank you for your sweet prayers, thoughts, and love to everyone.  You adore going to “your class at your church,” where you spend time with your teachers that you love: Sister “Showna” and Sister “Rosie”.  Still an amazing explorer when it comes to food and trying something new.  You love to play with your cars, trains and planes, read, draw, paint, sing, build, babies, animals, bugs…wonder what you’ll discover in year 4.  🙂   We love you so much! xoxo ~ mama

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