anniversary abode – an original oil

anniversary abode by katrina berg 20×30 oil on cradled masonite

My parents moved us to Yorba Linda half-way through my kindergarten year.  They still live in that house.  I love that.  Learning and growing up along side many of the same classmates through high school was a real treasure.  One of those treasures that has blessed my life is John Gibson.  I don’t know where my class photos from grade school are (kinda think they burned in the fire), but I can still see John’s photo from Ms. Lauffler’s class (how did she spell her name?).  John has always been a bright spot.  His smile is contagious, his sense of humor delightful, and his laugh delicious.  He made everyone happy and I knew he would be happy no matter what he chose to become, where he would live or what lucky person(s) would enjoy his love and vitality.  I smile and laugh at his posts on Facebook at least once a week.  Yes, he still makes me smile on a regular basis.  Thank you Facebook! Not too long ago, he commissioned a painting of he and Jason’s home.  Thanks so much for thinking of me John!  I had a wonderful time painting your special place.  Congrats to you both.  And here’s to another incredible 9!  xoxo ~ katrina

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