conversations – an original oil

conversations by katrina berg 36×48 oil on 2″ cradled masonite

Perhaps one day I’ll manage to write down all the funny conversations we have together each day.  But for now, I find that taking photos of them growing, moving and learning so quickly will have to suffice.  The last day of the builder’s school, we took a nice walk up Memorial Hill.  The kiddos were amazing.  They each found a walking stick and were off on their adventure.  Along the way, they spotted several cactus, indian paint brush, blue bells, yarrow, colorful birds (that I’d not seen before…we see a lot of magpies and crows, but these were just lovely).  They learned to stay on the trail and eventually…on the last twirly turn we found a bit of the short-cut trail through the scrub oak, grasses, and more lovely wild flowers.  And the flags, they were ever so excited about the flags.  When we reached the monument, they wanted to know what it was all about.  Together we looked at each plaque and I told them about all the wars that men and women from this valley have fought and died for our freedom and safety.  They were amazed and happy to stand in salute.  The builder has decided these past few weeks that he will be a soldier when he grows up.  After he serves a mission in “Chinese”.  “That is a wonderful idea”, I told him.  I luv you sweet builder, happy summer buddy!

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