grandma’s homestead – an original oil

grandma's homestead katrina berg sm.jpg

grandma’s homestead by katrina berg 11×14 oil on wood board

My grandpa Chauncy (cool name huh?…he didn’t like it, though I think it’s simply stylin’), fell in love with my Grandma Reva while square dancing.  I always thought that was simply perfect.  I was pretty young when they married, but old enough to be excited to have inherited a new Grandma, new aunts & uncles and a new set of cousins.   Over the years we looked forward to their arrival in the motorhome.  They would park it outside, and stay for a week…we’d go in see what cool things Grandma was creating with her needle, play games with them and hear about their travels accross the country.  We’d visit them in their sweet mid-century modern in Provo.  Look for deer in their yard, take scooter rides with Grandpa around town, see Grandma’s latest garage sale finds, enjoy the game/toy room in the basement, and enjoy her special sandwiches with potato chip crunch, and hear about my cool cousins I wish I lived near.  Again, Facebook has made these relationships closer.  I’ve loved getting to know my grandma’s favorite people even better.  Last summer she took them to see her childhood home.  Julia is an incredible photographer and she sent me some photos to work with.  What a treat to be able to share that together.  Love you so much Grandma Reva, and luv to all the family! xoxo ~ trina

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