just nesting – an original oil

just nesting by katrina berg, 18×24 oil on 2″ cradled masonite

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

As we were driving home after Spring Break, I shared with the designer how happy I was for our friends we met while in UNLV’s Architecture Program.  (The designer and I met in a design class).  New horizons, new opportunities, new goals and dreams, new relationships, possible relocation, studying for license exams, and possible new business ventures await our beautiful friends.

I love my friends so much, am so happy for all they have accomplished, and look forward to seeing where their journeys will take them.  And yet, I felt different.

The designer and I knew my path would be different than I had planned when I went back to work full-time with the builder (2 weeks old) in tow.  Truly, modern mothers (and women in general), have so many challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities.

Over the years, I’ve tried to keep one foot in the Landscape Architecture field, taking on small jobs and helping the designer with design problems and renderings.

As I listened to my friends, so happy and excited for them.  And instead of being inspired to do more in the field, I thought about what I really desired.

I shared with the designer how I used to be so obsessed with large scale projects: urban revivals with historical significance.  That now, I find myself absorbed with rural life, and the small scale.  In my mind, I am continually re-drawing and designing our “someday home” throughout the day.  All I really want is to garden:  to plant our seeds and watch them grow, to harvest and enjoy their fruit (both outside in the soil, and inside: with the kiddos and my easel).

The designer then explained to me, Treen, it’s cause you’re in the nesting stage.  You’ll find that desire again.  Just enjoy where you are.

And I am.

He’s right.

I’m just nesting.

To the Modern Women and Mothers out there: wherever you make your home and your nest, may you find joy in all that you are and all you’ve been given.  Join me, and nest a while.  🙂  xoxo ~ katrina

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