nana’s perfect cheesecake – an original oil

nana’s perfect cheesecake by katrina berg, 18×24 oil on 2″ cradled masonite

Not sure when the tradition started, but somewhere down the line my mother like to fix our favorite dessert for our birthday.  As long as I can remember, mine has always been cheesecake with berries a top.  As we got older, Mom invited us to cook with her.  One of my favorite memories is baking an apple pie with she and Reesa for Dezzer’s birthday.  Mom had a small apple cookie-cutter that we used to cut the pie crust and to top the pie.  It was beautiful, mostly because Dez loved it.

This painting was painted in, and inspired by mom’s colors in her kitchen and dining room.  Perhaps that is why the dancer asked me yesterday if she could hang “that painting” in her room.  The dancer is becoming very fond of her Nana, which makes me so pleased.  I still keep a special part of my heart saved for my Grommie and my Grandma Lois.  They are darn special ladies.

Lil’ dancer, you, your brothers, and your dad, will always be my biggest fans! xoxo – momma

ps.  Here is the recipe for my mother’s perfect cheesecake.  (Well I changed it a bit, but it is still hers!)


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