kiddo daily delight – inside mouse, outside mouse

Materials needed:

  • Inside Mouse, Outside Mouse by Lindsay Barrett George
  • your kiddos

Targeted learning areas: language, opposites, spatial, kinetic, following directions

This darling book describes 2 mice: one that lives inside a home and one that lives outside.  It discusses spatial vocabulary such as: across, between, below, under, over, next to, etc., by describing the placement of the mice.  The illustrations are beautifully detailed, great perspectives shown, and fun color choices.  The words used are simple enough to help visually explain the meaning.

As soon as we finished and I suggested that the kiddos go across the carpet like the mouse, off went the builder.  He knew what to do.  After preforming each movement or placement, he would run back, turn the page for me and off he went on the next task.  The dancer followed everything he did.  Pictured are the dancer “under” the piano bench, and the builder “behind” the grower.  Lots of wonderful learning to glean from this darling book.

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