c’est le printemps! {it’s spring} – an original oil

c’est le printemps {it’s spring} by katrina berg, 30 x 36 oil on 2″ cradled masonite

A preview of what I’ll be showing at Park City’s Kimball Arts Festival this summer!  🙂  No doubt it’s been a bit overwhelming to decide how much to have available, what to show, and how to show it…{any suggestions from art festival veterans are ever soo welcome!}.  But it is exciting for the designer and I.  Just being accepted was a huge goal to meet, and perhaps help me just a little closer to some others as well.

My subject for the festival will be interiors…specifically gathering places of our homes {bringing nature indoors through vistas, textiles, and design}.  And I’m looking for more interior inspirations.  If you come across lovely photos or interiors, please email me.  The designer is specifically looking for more masculine inspirations for me to paint.  hee hee.

As with Spring, many of the most precious things in life are well worth the wait!  One of my very dearest friends was married last weekend.  Janelle was my first friend and roommate when I moved to Vegas.  And I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  She was a perfect start to a memorable era.  And I know she’ll be that perfect beginning for your eternity Josh.  🙂  What a great start to Spring!  It was a beyond lovely ceremony and a wonderful day.  Soo very very happy for you, Janelle and Josh!  Happy Ever After-ing!

And Yippe, Spring is finally here…we’ll, theoretically right?  Yes, we woke to a new blanket of snow Sunday but we’re hoping to spend more time hiking and biking these next few weeks.  🙂  Speaking of biking, the builder finally decided to try Saturday afternoon.  We’re so excited for him to have a new world to explore…and are so very grateful for bike helmets!

What exciting things are happening in your neck of the woods? xoxo to all ~ katrina

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4 thoughts on “c’est le printemps! {it’s spring} – an original oil

  1. ooooooh Katrina i love this interior! gorgeous. congrats for being accepted to the art festival, it’s always very exciting. love the happy exit photo of your new married friends, it shows such joy, relief, delight, anticipation… so lovely for you to get to participate in the love celebration of your dear friend.

    • thx so much Sally! Would love to have my booth next to yours…it would be so fun to spend time with you!

  2. Yay!! Thanks Treen!! I was SO happy to have you there! It really was such a great day and I’m so glad you were part of it!! I LOVE our legacy!! 🙂

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