sweet somethings: an original oil

sweet somethings by katrina berg 30×36 oil on wrapped linen

purchase on Zatista

As Spring is approaching…(not as fast as I would like, however), I am excited to start growing again outside.  Summer and Fall is a time of sweet somethings developing rapidly inside and out:  Family, cooking, gardening, all sorts of beauty growing all around.  And that my friends, is very, very sweet!

As for things growing inside, the kiddos helped me prep my boards this past weekend.  They love to paint and how fun was it for them to paint on mom’s boards!  They were good lil’ workers and I’m pleased with the discovery of one more thing we can enjoy together.

Love from our house to yours…wherever you are and here is to a beautiful growing season on the brink! xoxo~ katrina

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