development – paintings of virginia’s heber home

virginia’s place, 8×10 oil on wrapped canvas, SOLD

Can I tell you how much I love MMB?  Not only have I met some amazing and inspiring gals online, but it has introduced me to family I’ve never met!

Julie found me via MMB, wanting to have her MIL’s childhood home in Heber painted, and thinking we might be related.  Quickly we realized that we are indeed related: our husbands are 2nd cousins!

Many of you know how much I adore painting to learn about the families, homes, and memories shared within the walls.  But painting these homes for relatives…for me…has been like doing genealogy.  Like meeting family for the first time.  And it is inspiring me to do my geneology and find more!

I’ve already shared this with Julie, but there were moments I felt like I was having a talk with Virginia (the grandma), and other family members who’ve passed on.  I also spent quite a bit of time pondering Julie, her husband Nathan, and his cousins that I already know.  I chose to paint a sunrise background in Nathan’s piece to represent their family rising as the next generation.  Also, a remembrance of the warmth that Nathan’s family who’ve passed on feel for each of them: their love, their protection, watchful eye, and their wisdom.

The second piece is for Audrey, Nathan’s mom…{I hope I get to meet all of this newly discovered family one day soon!}

audrey’s childhood heber home, 9×12 oil on wrapped canvas, SOLD

Similar, just a different perspective and traditional blue, clean and clear, Heber sky.  I hope that it will evoke the love and memories shared within those sweet walls. 

Enjoy Julie, Nathan, and Audrey!  xoxo

Has anyone else out there met family for the first time online?

4 thoughts on “development – paintings of virginia’s heber home

  1. The first one is one of my favorites ever, Katrina. And since David is a Heber boy, it’s really evocative of all of my feelings about Heber. Love it!

    • thx Kerri! It’s one of the designer & I’s all time favs too…I think I am finally getting my style and method down. 🙂 xoxo

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