development – painting: nyman home

nyman home, 16×20 oil on canvas, SOLD

The Nyman Home in Nephi, Utah: My mother-in-law, JuLee’s childhood home. Many memories were shared there with her parents & siblings, later with her husband, Dale, & their children. One that I particularly like hearing about is Grandma Nyman telling the grandkids it was too dangerous to sleep out in the yard during “fair” time because the gypsies would carry them away in the night. There is a carport next to the east side of the home, but new owners, cars, and the fact that the carport wasn’t always there…I chose not to include it in the painting. Nephi has changed quite a bit since JuLee lived there, but the charming home reminds one of quieter, smaller Nephi days.  🙂
Do you have a favorite small town?  I am in love with small towns…just curious…:)

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