delight – sara & carole: art & dance {two of my favs}

Last weekend I was able to join Grommie, my brother Sean, and aunt Buffie to watch my cousin Sara perform with BYU’s DancEnsemble

She was gorgeous!  The pieces she was in were wonderful, and the one she choreographed so insightful, deep, and emotionally connecting.  It was an honor to be there and take part.  What a treat!  I love my cousin Sara, she is soo amazing.  I’m so glad I live close enough to enjoy her dance and creativity. 

Thank you for sharing with all of us Sara…you are incredible!  I can’t wait for the next show.  And, I’m so excited to see what you do and where you go these next few years!

Then last night, on the way home from Brittany’s graduation {way  to go Britt…why don’t I have photos?!}, the designer dropped me off in Park City to join Jan and Corey at Carole’s latest art showing at Phoenix Gallery.

Isn’t she soo charming in those cute boots!

Yes, the painting above, is Carole’s.  I love everything she touches…landscapes, buildings, cowboys, skiers…it is all a bit mesmerizing.  There is a sweet balance of color, action, and detail in her paintings and I adore each one.  The show is all of Park City local: landscapes, downtown scenes, skiiers, etc.  If you get a chance, stop by…it will lift your day!

{moi, carole, and jan}

I feel like I’ve been celebrating lately: family and friends.  A highlight of my life.  Who have you been celebrating lately?

3 thoughts on “delight – sara & carole: art & dance {two of my favs}

  1. Today I am celebrating an amazing violin performance by my little daughter. She played with amazing poise and maturity, and it makes all those early morning practice sessions worth it!

    I miss seeing you. Can’t wait till this surgery business is over and I can rejoin the world again!

    • I miss you too! Congrats on the violin performance…Abby? 🙂 Let me know if you need any help these next few weeks! xoxo

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