development – painting: white house at bear lake

white house at bear lake, 16×20 oil on canvas, SOLD

Four fun days with family at Bear Lake has become an annual Berg tradition. We have a favorite large house that is rented & can accommodate the entire family (no small task). We stay near Garden City, and the road off the hwy that takes you to the beach has a beautiful old white home surrounded by beautiful blooming flowers and a white picket fence.  Here is a painting of the home done while the kiddos were napping after a fun-filled morning at the beach.

Does your family/extended family take an annual trip together?  Do you go to the same place or switch it up a bit?  What are your favorite family vacations?

5 thoughts on “development – painting: white house at bear lake

  1. My favorite family vacation memories are definitely at the beach with all the family staying in a big rented beach house. So much cousin fun. Our favorite beach is the Outer Banks, NC and I wish we could go every year. Right now it’s been every few years.

  2. I love this painting as it signifies a special place for your entire family.

    Also, the way the wooden slates are painted, is lovely. You captured it beautifully!!

    Our family meets @ our family cabin on Cedar Mnt. It is our home away from home and holds so many memories for me since my own childhood. It is a thrill every time we go.

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