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Not too long ago, I read this fabulous quote by J. Reuben Clark on my friend Amy Jones’ website:

In the latter days the time will come when there will not be enough doctors to take care of our medical needs and problems, and it will be necessary for men to honor their priesthood and to be prepared to take care of the sick; and every woman will have to be a home nurse with a working knowledge of nursing to meet the need. ~ J. Reuben Clark, Jr.; General Conference, 1937

Days later I went to see ZD and was treated for the third time for my allergy to grains.  Not all of the treatments were the same.  The last was actually a combination of the grains, spirituality, emotions, and a prominent figure in my life that I love.  {I know it sounds bizzare…but I ate Chelsy’s delicious pasta the other night without side-effects!}

The week prior, the dancer had contracted strep and ZD had treated her.  During the treatment, ZD found that the dancer was struggling with something in her saliva…causing her discomfort and coughing fits.  She suggested I treat her when we returned home.  The dancer loves going to “ZD’s house” and is very comfortable being treated, so it was not too strange for her to have her momma try at home. 

We noticed her coughing ceased the following day {and has not returned in the past month}.  The next day, the builder was complaining of his throat.  I immediately checked inside and could see the white spots of strep.  Quickly, I treated him, the explorer, and had the designer treat me as well.  

He was back to normal the following day.  None of the rest of us got strep, despite it’s rampage on many of our friends, neighbors, and community.

Back to my treatment with ZD…she asked how the treatment with the dancer had gone, and was very pleased to find we’d done additional treatments.  I immediately felt the love that she had for each of us within me…and the pride that we were taking care of each other.  That night she sent me home with an Eastern gadget to help me learn to do kinesiology with more confidence. 

Some of my best friends are nurses, teachers of nurses, a sister-in-law and her mother are learning and using  herbal remedies, my sister is becoming a surgical technician, best friends from college are now medical researchers and physicians, a cousin that is a family practitioner…the list goes on and on. 

Though my part to play is small, I hope to continue learning by the spirit, gaining His confidence, and use the abilities within me to care for my family.  Blessed as we are, to have the priesthood honored within our home, I am glad to have the opportunity to take my small part in Elder Clark’s prophecy.

Meanwhile, Amy will join other lds holistic specialists sharing all they’ve learned and experienced at The Holistic LDS Living Conference.  It will be an amazing day!

What comes to mind when you read the quote by Elder Clark?  What skills have you acquired that will help you in this role?  What do you look forward to learning?

6 thoughts on “discovery – lds hoslistic living conference

  1. This is wonderful. I am so touched that you trust your gifts with such faith. The gift of healing is a wonderful gift to have. Thank you for sharing this quote. I have been listening to Glen Beck this week about the health care crisis and I wonder if he has this quote.

    You are a wonderful example as always.

    Would you feel comfortable sharing the treatment that you used? Your family is truly blessed.

    • Hi lovely Vicki! I went to leave you a comment on your blog today about your incredible collages…but blogger and I were not meshing…haven’t been this past week…I need to fix it! 🙂 Anyways, go to and you can read a bit more about it. You can also find an AZ practitioner near you. My whole family is going now. 🙂 My allergies are disappearing and more importantly, I’m healing from issues you and I share. Luv you!

    • I loved meeting Julia…she is an inspiration! I also know Ken Craig…he is an older brother of my past roomie and student teaching partner, Marlise. Ken and his wife Katie were the first to share their homebirths with me…you were #2 beautiful!

  2. Hi. I was intrigued by the “quote” from Elder Clark. So much, in fact, that when I couldn’t find an original souce I had my father-in-law (a professor of church history at BYU) try and find it for me. He ended up inquing at the Church History Center and this was the reply from them: “We also received the same question this week. I have searched and was not able to locate this quote. I read the Conference reports and was not able to locate the quote. I did however see the quote on the internet through someone’s blog. I do not know where they found it, but I suspect that the person inquiring of us also saw this site. Their question to us here at Church History was almost word for word of this blog. It was concluded that if it was said their source has either the wrong date, wrong speaker, or both. I hope this assists in your inquiry.” Sincerely,

    Debra Cheney
    Customer Service
    Church History Library –

    I’m sure the misquote was unintentional and I hope you will let your sources know they are mistaken – I would hate to see our prophets misquoted and spread as doctrine. Thank you!

    • Thanks Jenifer, and just wanted to let everyone know that Amy is doing some digging on the quote…we’ll keep you posted!

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