delight – “you’re supposed to keep that in your bum!”

We just returned from another wonderful playgroup trip to the Children’s Museum.  The kiddos had a fabulous time…especially the explorer.  He spent a great deal of time at the water center: alone, with Jake, with Will, alone again, with the dancer, and finally decided to do some exploring elsewhere.  He had gotten pretty wet (as you can see in the photo), so I was glad he was running around trying out the tractor and the farm, etc. 

As we were preparing to leave, he and the dancer went to the water center one more time.  He was standing on a stool in the shorter area.  I grabbed our coats and went to put them on the kiddos.  That was when I noticed that he was standing in the water center!

When we reached the cold car, I took off his shoes and socks, hoping the heater would warm him up.  In the house, I asked if he wanted to take a bath, which he did, yes, he took one this morning as well…:)

The dancer decided to join him but had to go potty.  She returned and they played for a minute, and she had to go again.  When we came back she exclaimed, “no, no buddy, you don’t poop in the bath!  You’re supposed to keep that in your bum!”  Well there you have it: the perfectly hilarious end to a wonderful day!

One thought on “delight – “you’re supposed to keep that in your bum!”

  1. By all means, yes! Keep that in your bum! How funny! Next time you plan to head to the Children’s Museum, let me know, Max and I would love to tag along.

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