advent activities – it’s frosty outside!

When I came home from the holiday boutique last night, I saw a newly formed snowman sitting happily aside our driveway.  Excitement filled my heart for the kiddos, for I knew they must have had a wonderful time with their daddy that afternoon.

This morning the snowman had disappeared with the newly fallen snow…and boy was there a lot of it!  So there are no photos to show, but I’m sure there will be more snowmen to build.  There is enough snow for the kiddos to carve out a snow fort from the snow that took the designer nearly 2 hours to push off of our modest driveway.  🙂

The kiddos and I went for a ride and enjoyed the ice in the trees.  I have been telling them that they are my favorite, and this morning they recognized it and enjoyed them with me, pointing out their favorites and the beautiful show before us. 

We’ve been singing the kiddos’ favorite Christmas song of the year…Frosty, and we checked out Frosty the Snowman and the Magic Day from the Library.    I also love The Annual Snowmans Ball by Mark Kimball.

The Annual Snowman's Ball  

Do you have a favorite snowman book?

We have been known to chase the heber creeper when the snow has fallen and it is cold, but we want to get out so badly.  Now we are chasing the icy trees and looking for Christmas Lights. 

What are you chasing or looking for with your kiddos when it is cold outside?

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