kiddo daily delight – pre-k halloween fun

I love a schedule.  I feel it is important, and I feel it is important to go with their flow as well sometimes.  Generally we eat breakfast and spend some time doing housework together before we begin around 10.  Though on Thursday, as I was doing the dishes, and telling them it was pre-k day, they were excited and sat up to the table, ready to begin.  So I stopped and we got started…it was only 8:30.  🙂 

Our alphabet activity for the day used marshmallows to create the letters.  They enjoyed making letters, but for some reason their letters kept getting smaller as time went on…:)

10.09 591

We read out of our latest reading program: The Amazing Action Alphabet and Amazing Action Activity book.   If you haven’t seen this incredible program…check it out!  It very inexpensive compared to the other programs out there and we love it!

During snack we made rice krispy treats.  A first for us.  I bought the cereal at the store, wondering if I could make it with a more natural puffed rice…but decided traditional for our first try might be best.  I was surprised to find the box void of the recipe…but found it online…did you know there is a whole website dedicated to rice krispies?  I was not aware of the vast recipes for rice krispy treats!

Anyways, so the kiddos had chosen pink marshmallows which made a fun color…not too far off of the orange shade of a small pumpkin.  They helped me stir and melt the marshmallow, and smash them into the pan.

10.09 593

While the krispies were setting up, we watched and danced to “Thriller.”  One of these days we’ll have to learn the dance together.  It was a fun day!

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