theory – celebrating work

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The kiddos are getting better at helping everyday.  I wanted to find a way to show them how much they were accomplishing.  Yet I didn’t want to fall into the “work only for reward” trap.   So we made a chart showing all the things they can do to help (they helped make the chart).   Every evening, we draw stars in boxes representing their helpful hands around the house.  I love to watch their eyes as they visually understand all the good they can do. 

As I continue to ponder these wonderful talks (thx Stacee!), on teaching work within the home:

Family Work by Kathleen Slaugh Bahr with Cheri A. Loveless

My Home as a Temple by Kristine Manwaring

I keep reminding myself to enjoy my housework so that the kiddos will learn to enjoy it too.  To Celebrate work every day.  To make time for work and play, to enjoy each other as we work. 

Is anyone else out there working on this as well?  How do you celebrate work in your home?

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