development – my painting process


Of course every artist has their own process to achieve their unique style.  I thank Nance (bff) for helping me find mine.  Finding my process has been a process.  🙂  At first, I would paint the background orange, but after my palate began to solidify, Nance suggested a quinacridone rose.  I found a quinacridone violet that I use sparingly these days.  Some canvases start darker than others, but I love the rose acrylic that seeps and hides behind each oil painting. 

I have been known to free-style paint at times, but most of my paintings are sketched in pencil.  When I feel satisfied with the rendering, I trace the pencil in mars black oil or black ivory oil.  Later in the week I’ll post what these paintings for the Condies turned out like…

What sort of processes do you use each day…that you have changed and refined to make them just so? 

p.s. I’ve been ever so consumed with the wasatch back artists online gallery of late, so bear with my blogging catch-up that I’m sure will happen in the next couple days.  The gallery is about half-way ready.  We’re getting really excited!

2 thoughts on “development – my painting process

  1. I love seeing others creative process. And I love how the process changes and grows over time. With my photos, I’ll do things a certain way for awhile and then it evolves as I learn more and tastes change. Keeps things interesting. 🙂

  2. Love! Love! Love! I can’t wait to show Jer this photo after I give him his painting. It’s so fun to see the process.

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