delight – people’s choice and dinner with the designer

Schneitter's Restaurant

So I’ll admit that I wasn’t jumping for joy when I opened my Plein Air Paradise, People’s Choice Award: a free night stay and dinner for two at Zermatt Resort.  We live right next to Zermatt.  🙂

Nance and I had painted in the Zermatt plein air competition a year ago and we received a night’s stay for participating.  We didn’t even get to use the stay…though we did get to enjoy the pool with the kiddos and Carl’s sister Melissa and Charlie, our nephew.  🙂

But tonight, we went and dined at the Seafood Buffet at Schneitter’s Restaurant and had a wonderful evening…(despite our server thinking our certificate had already expired…).  I just love being out with the designer: having time to talk uninterrupted and enjoy each other. 

Future plans, sushi, crab legs, pumpkin cheesecake, fish tacos from the fish allergy-ridden chef that reminded the designer of the chef on Ratatouille, and discussions of our next big move…it was a great evening.  Thank you People’s Choice voters.  We really enjoyed ourselves.

Now what to do with that free night’s stay at Zermatt…wonder if anyone would buy it on Craig’s List….

4 thoughts on “delight – people’s choice and dinner with the designer

    • Hello lovely! So we signed papers to sell our condo Monday evening. We are hoping to close the 20th of this month…so it is all happening rather quickly! We are planning on renting…not too far from where we are now. We are really excited. Change is always good!

  1. You should take the evening and leave the kids with Grandma. Or you should take them and let them love the TV and the POOL!! My Sister loves staying in hotels right next to her house – a mini vacation without the car travel!! And the Zermatt is expensive!

    • 🙂 I know you’re right…that’s what we thought about the first free night stay, but we needed someone to watch the kiddos over night, and no luck. Does your sister want to buy my Zermatt stay? 🙂 ps. we’re having soo much fun with the toys you lent us! hugs!

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