development – painting: growing a family tree


growing a family tree, 8″x6″ oil on wrapped canvas.

I’ve been thinking a lot about family lately.  Family is such an integral part of life.  Friendship and love.  The ties we have to one another, our heritage, our geneology, marriage, union, offspring, siblings, parents, life after death, and how it all fits together.

Thinking about loved ones lost and loved ones waiting to be part of growing families.  Families just beginning, families with older children making transition into grand-parenthood, and generations. 

The designer’s siblings are all but married (his youngest sister is finishing school and it won’t be long…), 14 grandkiddos so far, one on the way, and more in waiting.  In my family, I am the eldest of 6, the only one married, the only one with children, and two younger brothers still at home with my parents.  There are great dynamics within both families.  And then there is this growing dynamic within our own. 

How to continue to stregthen ties within our growing up families and yet focus most of our energy on this growing family under our stewardship?  How to show my kiddos the unconditional love I have for each of them?  How to teach them the importance of family and realtionships that continue through the eternities?  How to cherish the sacred bonds the designer and I share…

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