development – wasatch back artists new online gallery


Special thanks to the designer for his support, help with the kiddos, and attention to detail as I have been working on a new online gallery with local art friends. 

It’s just a work in progress right now, but if you want a sneak peak:

Pretty soon you’ll find a new piece of artwork on the blog every day…by one of our 8 artists living within the Wasatch Back, a monthly invited artist, art news and updates, and more. 

I’m so excited.  I’ll admit I was a bit anxious to talk with everyone today and propose the plan…the designer reminded me as I left, “Just talk slowly, and you’ll be fine.”   I had to smile.  

Back when I was in Studio classes in the Landscape Architecture program, I was notorious for getting so anxious before a presentation that I would talk way too fast.  If you didn’t know me you would have thought I was on drugs.  Seriously.  It was that bad.  After one presentation some of my classmates were asking that very question.  🙂

I had nothing to worry about today, however.  A group of friends, “embarking on a new adventure,” as Janice calls it.   I couldn’t agree more Janice!

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