development – painting: becca’s baptism day


I’m not sure how…but somehow the words for this post disappeared…

Traditions.  How I love them!  When our eldest niece was baptized, the designer and I each had our own ideas of celebrating.  He brought her a bouquet of flowers, and I did a special photo shoot just of her. 

Our second eldest niece recently took the plunge as well.  Once again, the designer picked out a bouquet just for her.  It was a beautiful day.  I have never seen anyone run to the font as she did when the time came. 

As for my gift, she had a difficult time deciding on a photo shoot or a painting.  🙂  She decided on her baptism spot…a memorable place where her mother was also baptized.  We love you Becca!

becca’s baptism day, 6×8″ oil on wrapped canvas

4 thoughts on “development – painting: becca’s baptism day

  1. Delight, indeed! I very much enjoyed your art. Wishing you a glorious day filled with joy and celestial delight!

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